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Full Version: how do i install red hat 9.0 ( a true noob)
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i am trying to make the switch from windows98 to linux. i have a new machine (dell w/ xp) and am trying to put an old one i have to good use. i don't know a lot (hardly anything) about linux but would like to get started. i'm not using my machine as an accesspoint or server but i'm using red hat 9.0. okay, enough background info;


1.) should i use redhat?

2.)if so, are there are good installation guides for complete rookies?

hi and welcome to the forums,


what type of hardware is in the old pc ?


if it has 64mb ram or more and 15 gb hard disc or better, then i would use the free version of redhat called Fedora.




however, that may be too power demaning on your box (as i dont know what hardware you have) and if thats the case, stick with redhat 9, but be aware that redhat 9 is end of life (dead) so it is no longer supported and that means you could get rooted which isnt good.





my hardware est:


-64mb RAM

-A whopping 4 gig harddrive



if you need anything else just ask....


like i said...just trying to get aquainted wihout getting a new machine...are any other versions good for this machine?

Fedora will just run fine but you won't have fun with a blown X environment (graphical desktop) like KDE or Gnome. But hey ... you could give it a try, installation is pretty easy nowadays. ;)
thanks...i got fedora up.