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Full Version: Setting up DMZ
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I am pretty new at this Red Hat stuff...i am trying to set up a DMZ server... can anybody help? thanks o_O

iptables will do it for you


but you need to give us more info about your





what you hope to achieve




I think what he meant is to make one of his computer live on the internet...


All you got to do is to login into your router, and point your internal ip of that server, and that computer will have full ride through the router, unless configured elsewise...

Probably the best walkthrough for setting up a nicely functional iptables setup is at [/url] which is part of "The Rocks Project." You'll find several very useful config walkthroughs at [url=] What most people are really looking for when they say the want a DMZ is actually a NAT setup, so more specific info would be very helpful. Rather than setting up a DMZ, it's usually a lot more practical and sane to just do port forwarding for _only_ the ports/services you need.


Hope this helps!