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Full Version: what is the stability of fedora core r. 3
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please give us all an idea of the stability of fedora core release 3


personally i find it very stable, (moreso than fedora core release 2)


however, i have experienced two glitches and both occurred immediatly after a reboot after doing an up2date


seems selinux is the culprit for my last 'glitch'


basically gnome wouldnt start, because it could not find


turns out the file was indeed there, but selinux was denying access to it, disabling selinux allowed me to startx normally, thanks to Ritter for spotting that


how about you ? how have your experiences been ?





Dell pentium 4, 3.4 GHz 512 ddr2.


Also i noticed with this computer no video driver was needed works perfect in all aspects :)

Ultra-incredible on my Armada M300. No glitches, unless you want to count the up2date tray icon not going away fer good. I'll fix it someday.


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