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Full Version: red hat discontinuation .... ?
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OK, what with the recent grumblings over at RedHat ... and me being a "noob" ... can I still keep my RH installs, and just continue to update my kernel as per the norm, or am I going to have to blow out RH completely and switch to something else?


I've never been big into the RPMS and prefere compiling sources myself so thats not a big loss, but aside from that anything I should be wary of?




If you are into compiling then Redhat isn't really the OS for you. I have a project to keep servers running RH9 upgraded with the latest RPMs.. but there are things like apache/php/ssh bugs. Even ssl exploits that require you to upgrade those.


Say for example a big openssl exploit comes out that allows a attacker to get a remote exploit. Now since openssl on RH9 isn't gonna be patched via an offical rpm.. you'd need to upgrade that. If you did that via source.. you'd probably break a load of other applications that link to the openssl libraries. So the only real option is to create your own rpm.


If this was a desktop.. I'd download the latest fedora build which is core3 and pop in the first cd. It will find you have RH9 installed and ask if you want to upgrade or do a freshinstall. a upgrade will just upgrade what rpms you have on your system and should keep all your config files in place.