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Full Version: halflife 2 screenshots
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try this for size


p4 3.4ghz HT enabled

1 gig 533-MHz DDR2 ram

256mb Geforce 6800 GT

300 GIG's sata raid 0

Intel 925X Express chipset

Audigy II sound card (5.1 digital audio)

800 FSB

21 Inch sony trinitron monitor running at 1600x1200@85hz



on board giga bit lan


and that is pc number 3 apart from the other two which are both p4 running @ 3ghz with HT enabled and 512mb ram and 1 gig ram respectivly all with geforce 6800 gt cards


so i don't understand why you think your specs are better, doesnt seem like it to me





you suggested that the PC you used was the Dell Dimension 8300 the specs are better than that.


As for the other PC you posted they seem almost the same :P


Out of interest, what motherboard are you using?


One other thing what antialiasing are you using? o_O

its the dell intel motherboard, i have three gaming boxes


the two in the 'gaming lan pics' one of which is replaced with the dimension 8400 listed above


i have everything set to full in the game, max everything, so antialaising is set to 8x in display properties





Well I finally got round to finishing the game :)

IT IS AMAZING! Everything about the game is just perfect. Although the end wasn't the best I thought :(

[Image: d1_trainstation_040004.jpg]


[Image: d1_trainstation_040009.jpg]


Here are some of mine


Specs: p4 3.0Ghx

XFX 7800 GT

Albatron Mobo

2 gigs PC 3200

120 gig ATA 100

Acer AL1722r LCD

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