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Full Version: FC 2 machine and a KVM switch
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Hi all,

Hope you can help. I have two PC's attached to a KVM switch. One which is an oldish dell runs Fedora core 2 and whenever I switch back to it using the KVM it looses sync with the mouse. It used to do this with Red Hat 9 as well but quiting GNOME with Ctrl+Alt+F6 and then reloading with Ctrl+Alt+F7 always brought things back into line. I am afraid to say it but I know this is a software issue since it didn't do it under its old OS of M$ Windows...

Does anybody know how to get the mouse to resync ???

At the moment I often VNC into it but that can sometime be a pain in the rear for a variety of reasons.

Thanks in advance,




ctrl_alt_f1 and then ctrl_alt_f7 to reset the mouse


you could also add


psmouse.proto=imps in grub






Tried the ctrl_alt_f1 and then ctrl_alt_f7 and that failed I'm afraid.

I will try the grub modification but I must admit I don't understand why editing grub, which controls the boot order, will have an effect on mouse sync that is lost when using a KVM switch...

Did a bit more googling and found this....

"Press Ctrl+Alt+F2, then press Enter.

At the command prompt, type:


/sbin/modprobe mousedev

echo "/sbin/modprobe mousedev" >> /etc/init.d/boot.local

Press Alt+F7."


at [/url][url=]


does this sound like a solution to the people around here ???

Once again thanks for any and all help recieved.