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Full Version: how to do an install onto hard drive with knoppix?
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i'm trying to get knoppix onto my hard drive so i can have it fully installed. i tried following the instructions at [/url][url=] but the fifth instruction, type knx-hdinstall at root just comes back with "command not found"

do i need to be in a specific directory to do this, if anyone knows?

how do i search for applications, in order to find where the program is to do this, if it is a program?



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well i never installed knoppix before, so i am not sure that i will be able to help, but in order to search for files, execute the following command:

"find / -name [FileName] -print"

/sbin would be the first place I'd look


What version of knoppix are you running? I just tried this using knoppix 3.4 fairly successfully. Are you running the command as root? You might try this:


sudo knx2hd


That will run knx2hd as root. You can try it with the other command if you weren't attempting it as root. The reason why it makes a difference is because root gets access to commands (like those in sbin) which non-superusers don't get access to. Hope this helps.


In case anyone is interested, I didn't end up getting it running because I was trying to install it to an external USB 2.0 hd and I can't get it to boot to it, but it seemed to install correctly. :)

the command for knoppix 3.4 and up i believe is:


sudo knoppix-installer


make sure that you have a valid ex2 partition of about 3gigs or more and a linux swap disk. if not, qtparted will be started.


after that, dont ask me because thats where i am stuck. i can install Mandrake just fine and im thinking about downloading it... the only thing i like about the knoppix CD is that it has wine installed so i dont have to mess with it, also it appears that installing debian packages is a sinch.


someone with expert knowledge please head up a tutorial session in IRC pleeeeeeeeeeeease. linux people are notorius for being snobs with the info, as if noobs can easily navigate for their problems.