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Full Version: eggcups
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I am a complete Linux noob :)

I just installed Fedora Core 3 and ran all the updates.

now as soon as I boot I get an error stating "eggcups" has unexpectedly terminated

I have searched this forum and google and haven't found anything useful


any ideas?



Ditto, I get this too.. just says either restart or close..

this is a known Gnome Bug, i just got it myself... after doing a full update of fedora core release 3 (using apt-get and up2date)


see screenshot for the 'errors' !!


after some bug googling i found the solution


do as follows:


login as root and issue this command




[root@localhost ~]# prelink /usr/lib/libdbus*so*


after some hard disc churning the prompt should reappear, so then reboot and the errors should all be gone :)





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thank you very much, my linux box is now rebooting

so I know, what does that do?