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Full Version: what do you think of Fedora Core release 3
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well FCR3 is out now, most of us have already installed it, so what do you think ? are they getting better with these releases ? got any gripes ? (i do, the new xchat sux, the color scheme is so wrong, and changing it is a nightmare.... - small gripe i know)


let us know





I like it. For me not much has changed because I use the same fluxbox desktop. The one thing I did notice was adding my new optical wireless mouse was as simple as plugging it in. It works with no configuration interaction at all, even the scrollwheel.
I am liking it so far, just hoping to get the nvidia thing fixed soon. I installed the driver 2 different ways and both times my kernel crashed :( so as for the rest its awesome...

I'ts just waht i've been waiting for!


I like the new gnome too! The wireless function is also a brilliant new feature. overall i'm happy with it.

Quote:The wireless function is also a brilliant new feature.

hey what wireless function are you referring to ? it looks pretty much the same to me since fcr1 well apart from the traffic applet you can add in your systray as i have here up above next to the weather applet





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in fc2 my wireless network wouldn't workor install; but with fc3 it does - i guess they changed it! Maybe the last instalation was faulty - who knows. it works now though! :)