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Full Version: how do i burn CUE/BIN images
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i tried to burn an CUE image with K3b and i get this error:

[[Image: provlima.jpg]


can anyone help me please ?

It has been a while since i have burnt a .cue and .bin file in linux, but when i did i used cdrdao. It looks to me as if you don't have that installed (or possibly you just need to pick the right driver?). If you find that you do have it installed you can burn the files via command line like this:


cdrdao scanbus (this will get the device ID):


then issue this command (replace the device ID with yours):


cdrdao write -v 2 --speed 12 --device 0,5,0 --eject whatever.cue



If you don't have it installed you can get it here