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Full Version: In need of help with a couple of things.
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I have red hat 9 installed on my laptop after using suse 9.1 for a bit. The conntection etc works fine but i have the below trouble.


I installed fluxbox and im not sure how to run it even after reading somones guide on here. I understand you have to change something to get it to apear in sessions so you can login with fluxbox at the login screen but i have fluxbox as an option already so does that mean its fully installed and i just need to run it? If so how do i run it and get it working?


Problem 2 is a bit more simple i want to get gaim working so i can contact people on msn, icq etc but i dont know there servers ands ports to put it when configuring it. Anyone know them or where i can find them as at current i have no working IM.


Thanks... :)

first off take things one step at a time, you are only starting with linux and yet you want fluxbox already


stick with gnome or kde for the moment until you get your feet !


also, redhat 9 is end of life, meaning no more software updates, you should seriously consider getting fedora core release 3 when it is released november 1st (it's free, its the 'next' redhat in a way)




as regards gaim, gaim will not work with msn unless you have the latest version of gaim installed, and as you are running rh9, you don't,


you could update gaim, but why bother, just get yourself a 'recent' distro like fedora, and things will be much easier


good luck, and welcome to the forums





1. If you have Fluxbox as an option on the log in screen, choose it, and try to log in.

If that doesn't work, try to find a file named fluxbox.desktop (maybe Fluxbox.desktop), and change it, the way grep says in this post:




2. You could compile your own GAIM (which I like best :)).

Get gaim at - [/url][url=]

(If you don't have one allready, put it in a dir where you put sourcecode, like ~/src)


Extract the tarball:

tar xzvf gaim-1.0.2.tar.gz

Cd to the new directory:

cd gaim-1.0.2

Read the INSTALL/README, or just do:

<wait until finished>

Then, to install, you have to su to root - like this:


And then, finally - install the compiled source code:

make install


Of course, if that's not what you needed; here are the MSN server 'settings':


Port: 1863


Andreas :)