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Full Version: Optimization
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Hi all,


Just installed Fedora core2 last night on a 1.2ghz system w 256M of RAM


Fresh install, had it format the hard drive.


Since my intention is to learn Fedora at a network engineering level, I chose to install every thing.


The boot up is a bit slower then I expected and launching programs takes a bit longer then expected as well.


I guess the first thing I need to do is to optimize the system


Looking for a "defrag" and a "services" and a "startup" and a "virtual memory" type area so I can get a better idea of whats running, how much resources it is using and how to turn certain things off. Where would that be and what are those items called in Linux terms?


Any suggestions on how to best optimize and tune a freshly installed system would be greatly appreciated.



first off you need to understand that defrag is not an option


also, check what services are running


try this








disable the ones you don't need (for example disable CUPS if you don't have a printer !





Thanks for the reply,


Are most management tasks taken care of through the command line?


Is there a noob type reference on line to the most common CL commands

and their switches?


oops i forgot to login!





Thanks, will have a look.

Hi there,


I've recently installed fc2 on my home machine (2000+ w/512) and I had to edit my drive configuration.



vi /etc/sysconfig/harddisks


and uncomment the switches. This will greatly increase throughput to your drives. All the redhat9 boxes i have installed already had this stuff uncommented and were naturally fast. Not sure why fc2 has it remmed out...




I will give that a shot.


Thanks for the info.