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Full Version: Installed wine, now what?
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I looked around on the internet and found a lot of reference to this wine program, so I thought I'd have a look, I particularly want to run msn or some other messenger program, e-messenger is nice, but not terribly practical. I got wine, installed it and now its under "start"(or what ever you call it in linux)>"applications">"emulators". Its nice to have notepad and minesweeper again, but I want to know how to instal other things. Beware, if you start talking about directory and stuff be prepared to explain from the beginning of things, because this is all new to me, any help will be greaty appreciated, thanks in advace!



P.S. any way to change from Kmail to evolution (worked in fedora for me) under my KDE setup?

try using AMSN or gaim first before you go emulating msn messenger

they are pretty cool programs

i mean, why have linux if ur just going to emulate windows? :>


gaim: [/url]


amsn: [url=]

good point, thanks, I'll check em out!

I installed wine (1.1.24). It looked like it installed well, but I do not see it in any menu. How do I access it? How do I use it?


This is in Fedora 11.


Bakshara the Linux noob!

In order to use wine, you have to run the command:


wine somewindowsprogram.exe


(or create a shortcut/launcher to that command). Obviously, you'll replace somewindowsprogram.exe with whatever Windows program you are trying to run with wine.