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Full Version: Cant run 'freshly' installed k3b
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Hi, i decided to install k3b, and used apt-get. After it was installed, i ran it from the terminal... here you go:


[andreas@localhost andreas]$ k3b
kbuildsycoca running...
k3b: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZNK7QString3argExii
[andreas@localhost andreas]$ Mutex destroy failure: Device or resource busy


I have no idea whats causing it, cos k3b has worked on my fedora c1 box before with the same specs as now. I have a Lite-on 52x burner..


I am a bit of a noob (thats also why i'm posting here :P), so dont give me too complicated answers.. (i hope there's no need for that).



try running it as root, does that work ?





nope :( same message...