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Full Version: Google Mail accounts
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I'm feeling like helping out .. and I'd like to do so in win-win situation.


Here's the deal, the next two people to make a fair sized donation to will get an invite from me to create their very own google mail account.


If I get more invitations to give out .. I'll post an update and let it known when those are available. is a very informative and helpful forum, lets not forget it takes some funds to make this happen.


Thanks peeps!




nice one Ritter, lets see does anyone donate :-) i'll keep you all informed





the first donation has come in, and its from Ritter !!


thanks a bunch mate !


10 euros so far :-)


cmon folks !





I've already got gmail, but do ya take PayPal, anyweb??

do i ?


of course i do !!


i run this site, pay for it all....


scroll up and you'll see a 'make a donation' button


feel free to press it :)





Too bad paypal dosen't support donations from Kuwait [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_dry.png[/img]
Another set of 10 euro's have come in. "You've got mail"

many thanks kz0


i now have 20 euros in donations so far, thanks to Ritters post :)


keep em coming pls :)





Donation??!?!? I thought it was a raffle for a porsche? o_O

lol !!


actually you are due a gmail account now, so talk to Ritter !





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