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Full Version: Installing themes in Mandrake 10
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Alright, many of you have probably dealt with this before, probably many times over.


For some reason, the commands to install themes throught the console in Mandrake 10 (KDE) don't work.


I need instructions, please, as in, instructions you would give to a 5 YEAR OLD, lol.


I mean, ultra-simple instructions. I'd really appreciate it. Seriously.


I have a KDE 3.2 theme file, downloaded from within WindowsXP, simpy because my modem isn't yet configured for Linux, but since I have dual-boot, I have access to my windows hard drive from within Mandrake 10.


It is a .tar file, but the extension reads .tar.tar. It seems I've been able to unpack it to a directory, by using the right-click menu on it, and I can see an "admin" folder and a "config" folder along with alot of .ini files that can be read by double clicking on them. Anyway, the folder in which these files and subfolders are is called "ballistik-0.5" Ballistik is the name of the theme. I put this folder in /tmp.


So, what next? I assume I have to go into the console. Could I get some step-by-step commands?

i presume you mean the file ext was tar.gz


if it was do this


tar zxvf bla.tar.gz


where bla.tar.gz is the full name of the tar.gz file


once done, read the INSTALL or README instructions in the resulting files


if the resulting files end you up with another .tar file


simply untar it again using


tar xvf bla.tar


have fun,


good luck


and welcome to the forums





Thank you!!


Very helpful. ;)