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Full Version: installing Ip-Alias
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Hi guys,


I have a fedora bo set up. Its on a remote server few thousand miles from me.


When they set the box up they didn't compile IP-Alias.


How do i go about installing it.




What is ip-alias? A program? A library? Do you have an URL?



Ip-Alias is something that the engineers shoulda compiled when they did the install.


It allows you to run numerous Ip's from 1 nic

Why don't you just add virtual interfaces like "eth0:0, eth0:1, ..." (ifconfig eth0:0 netmask up) then? You just have to enable that in your kernel if you don't already have it enabled.



Thank you So much.


i was under the impression that i had to have Ip-Alias loaded for this to work.

the RH/fedora kernels are all set for ip-aliasing