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Full Version: Autorun not working, how to start install manually
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This is my first post here, and I hope someone can help me.

I have an old laptop which I thought I'd try installing Fedora on.

Its pretty old, Fujitsu Lifebook, Pentium 133, 48MB Ram, 1,4GB HD.


I think there is some hardware error with the CD-Rom. But anyhow, the cdrom drive boots from Windows 95 and 98 CD's, but not from Fedora CD number 1.

How can I start the installation manually from the cd?

There is no EXE or Dos kind of executable, and I can't find any images to use with rawrite or something to make bootable floppy.


Anyone outhere can help me with this?




(Maybe the HD is too small for Fedora also, but I'm just trying before I toss the laptop in the trashcan... :P )



Are you sure you burned the CD as an image and not just burned the image on the CD? [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_dry.png[/img]




i'm not THAT n00b. Just don't know linux very well. :P

Im a certified hardware technician, but this is my first time in Linux-world.


The boot funtion in the image is too advanced for the BIOS on this old laptop, so I not an alternate way of starting the Fedora installation.


The BIOS settings is of course CD first, then floppy, then harddrive.

thought i'd just register. I'm Tommy80.


The image is burnt through Nero yes, I didn't just put the image on the CD. hehe.

are there any errors when it tries to boot from the cd ? anything at all ? have you tried MD5SUM ing the cd ? have you tried booting the cd on another more modern pc just to test if it works ?





there are no errors, it doesn't find the cd at all

(only error is "no operating system" but thats because i've deleted the partitions)

I did MD5SUM before burning, and all the discs (4 discs), and all were ok.

I tried booting the Fedora CD on my "modern" Dell computer, it worked fine.


So CD is ok, but the old laptop won't boot. Need alternate install method..



How about a boot floppy? You can make one with the Fedora disc, under 'dosutils' run rawrite, it will make the oh-so-holy boot floppy.


Also, I'm pretty damn sure about this, so...


AND! If you can't find rawrite on the CD, you can download it. The images are under the 'images' (how about that!) folder of the CD.


Best of luck!