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Full Version: How do I setup a webserver?
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I've never have a chance to work with linux until 2 days ago. I've always run cpanel/WHM on linux, but that's just the interface, not hardcore linux user.


I just got a server running at 2.66 ghz and 1 gig ram, 40 gigs drive. Will soon plug it into a data center running at OC-48 for webhosting.


The question is, can i set up everything at home running my cable modem, and then plug it into the data center later.


I'm running Fedora 2 right now, and it's fresh, I've havent install anything yet. Can you please tell me step by step of all the softwares/RPMs I need in order to have my server runs like those commercial webhosting services out there.


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if you want to set it up as a webserver, then make sure that you don't install the default apache/mysql/php rpm's


if you do, you'll have problems adding any apache 'mods'


in other words, learn how to compile (its not hard and we'll help you)


and compile apache/mysql/php yourself, it'll take some effort but at the end you'll understand way more about linux than you do now


there is an apache/mysql/php howto right here


good luck, start simple and work your way up






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Thank you Anyweb. It's all because of you, I've re-install my server to Fedora with defaults settings. I made sure that fedora didn't install apache/php/mysql with the setup. I am following your how-to's at the moment. However, I'm quite paranoid when it comes to servers; you could say I want to know everything immediately, I guess you could say that I just want to be sure of what I'm doing is right.


My next question is, I have a few domain names registered at I want to forward them to my current server. How am I going in about of doing that? Setting up a nameserver?