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Full Version: installation hangs after the disk check
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I have a problem that the installation hangs at the point

after the disk check.

All I get is the feeling that fedora is working on loading the graphical applet,

but it doesn

Did you burn from an iso? CD or DVD?


I downloaded the DVD iso no probs @ all?


I also skipped the media check ( sorry I couldn't be bothered waiting :P )


I am guessing that the media check does actually complete?


Maybe try skipping the check > just a thought from this n00b [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_rolleyes.gif[/img]

sorry n00b, already try all the basic tries. . .

my problem is bigger than the basic troubleshooting.

Nice of you trying, though. ;)



Anyone else?

what hardware and what version of fedora are you using


have you tried installing in text mode ?


press f2 at the linux boot prompt





well you are right... (sorry about that...)

I use 266 Mhz PII dual processor, Intel board

about 300 Mb RAM

and I try to install Fedoa Core 2 i386

have you tried installing in text mode ?




yes I did try text mode. No luck, same results.

I have posted it at bugzilla as well,

[/url][url=] Bug number 125144

I have checked the disks they are all okay, and the F buttons don't react,

Alt+1, Alt+2, spacebar - nothing.

When I press Ctrl+C it doesn