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Full Version: About to install FC2 (first time linux user).
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I've just downloaded FC2, and it'll be the first time I've used Linux (with zero knowlage of linux).


Right now I'm running XP on a P4c 2.8, WD Raptor (SATA) and a Radeon 9600XT. I'm going to make a partion on this hard drive and install FC2 on that half.


Anything I should know before I move ahead with the installation?

Does FC2 support the Radeon 9600XT?

What version of XFree86 is installed with FC2 (if any)?

Does anyone have UT2004 running on FC2?





I've never had the pleasure of setting up a SATA drive in Fedora, so I can't really help you there but...


-Have the ISOs already burned to disk. The anaconda Linux installer is very user friendly.


-If for some reason Fedora doesn't support your card, ATI has a driver for your Radeon @ [/url][url=]


-In this release, the XFree86

Hi GrimStar..

I use Fedora core 2 myself, and i have one regular 7.500 rpm hd and one sata 10.000 rpm raptor disc, and it works fine. For me, the regular hd is /etc/hda and the sata is /etc/hde


And yes XT cards are supported, dont know about 9600 though, but i suppose it does. Heres what writes: "The ATI Proprietary Linux driver currently supports RADEON 8500 and later, as well as FireGL 8700 and later products. We do not currently plan to include support for any products earlier than this."


Find ati drivers for linux here:


I had to do a rpm -if fglblabla.rpm

the -f for force... then it worked.


Good luck


I know that the regular version of Ut2004 (7 cd set) includes the linux version however i cannot confirm how well it works on FC2.