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Full Version: anyone know if 3d max works on linux?
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anyone know if 3d max works on linux?


I really wish 3dsmax did have a linux compilable version, but unfortunately it does not


You may have the option of purchasing Maya 5.0 or the newer 6.0 for Linux, this is a fully functional version , just as the w32 versions, but a caution, that it does have some issues, and you may find some of the more complex render shaders and effects (caustics etc.. ( my not be fully functional. )


If you wish to use it just as a modeling tool then you should encounter little difficulty aside from the obvious compiling specifics that would be needed.

( read the help files included )



Have fun!,

i'll be installing my linux ver. of Maya 6.0 in the next week or so, so if you decide to go that route, feel free to post a msg here, i'll help ya out where i can