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Full Version: Nvidia Driver on fedora 2.6.5-x kernel
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Hey guys just incase you want to use the rpm kernel instead of the vanilla kernel, I was able to get nvidia drivers to work on a modified fedora kernel .



this is the link where i got the kernel and kernel-source from.

the link also have a script and a patch to make a kernel src.rpm patched properly so that nvidia drivers would work under a fedora kernel. note that you have to modify some lines in the patch and the script according to the kernel src.rpm version you have.


I tried the kernel 2.6.6 series patched it with the script provided from the link but i was unable to get fedora to boot properly. I get stuck on the uncompressing linux part. the patch may need some more modification to work on kernel 2.6.6. you guys may wanna try on 2.6.5 kernels to see if it works.

the kernel and kernel-source from the link though works with nvidia drivers very good though.