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Full Version: it makes me smile!!
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it really makes me smile to see the small number of gentoo posts. I guess gentoo users know how to use google!! :)
It's just hard for linux-noob to take over where Gentoo Forums have an inceedingly larger user community.
I use Gentoo myself, and i am new to gentoo. i use handbook to go through. some noob people who enter to this form or IRC @ #linux-noob and require some help on gentoo issuse, some of us who using Gentoo can help you. :)

Or it's just GENTOO users can't install GENTOO At All

And they switch back to slack

Quote:Or it's just GENTOO users can't install GENTOO At AllAnd they switch back to slack


hahahah [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_rolleyes.gif[/img]


maybe your still too much of a n00b to install gentoo ;)


on a serious note though the installation handbook from gentoo really does hold your hand for the install.


DusanR come to irc, maybe we can help with the more tricky steps of the install