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Full Version: fedora core crashing
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So I installed fedora core and its been randomly crashing. I was wondering if anyone else has been havinbg that problem. [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png[/img]
ok so which version of fedora did you install also which kernel leave some error messages to help us determine the problem :)


disable your screensaveers and see if that helps


ive seen some screensavers cause problems in X before, of course that might not be it, becuase you didnt give us much information





Fedora Core 1






Kernel - 2.4.22-1.2115.nptl


it just randomly crashes, either in screensaver or when im in the middle of working on things.

Where would i find the error messages if it logs them?



Two of the most common PC problems are:


1. Your CPU is too hot (or the main board in general). Make sure to clean out all the airducts and open that bad boy up and blow some compressed air around. Also make sure all those fans are spinning like they should.


2. Bad memory. Buy cheap, get crap. Like most things in life, if it's cheap it probably sucks. Run over to [/url][url=] download their program and let it run on your machine over night. It should help you diagnose those types of problems (or at least isolate them).


I have a feeling it's likely the hardware and not the software.


I do have one question though. When it's "locked" are you able to press your numlock key and have the light go on and off?


- aeio

i ran the program and this was the last screen it had before it froze:


Memtest-86 v3.1 | Pass: 47% #################

Pentium 4 1994 Mhz | Test: 84% #####################

L1 Cache 8k 16341MB/s | Test #4 [Moving inv, 32 bit pattern, cached]

L2 Cache 256K 13941 MB/s | Testing 80K - 512M 512M

Memory 512M 1162 MB/s | Pattern fbffffff

Chipset i850 Detect- Connect-



Wall Time Cached RsvdMem MemMap Cache ECC Test Pass Errors ECC Errors


0:04:47 512M 1128K e820-Std on off Std 0 0 0



Its a hardware prob right? :(

Yeh, looks like that's pretty much proved it.


Now to narrow it down =(


Hopefully you bought your PC from a reputable vendor that can diagnose with you <?>


Good luck.