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Full Version: will you install fedora core release 2
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i'll install it for sure the day it's released, but i know there will be bugs, however, the fedora community is very strong and patches will be released very quickly, cant wait actually !





Well, I've just installed Fedora Core 1 for a week or so, because I heard so much about bugs and stuff.


But, I find it running bether then RedHat 9, so, Fedora Cor 2 will probably run even smoother, I hope.




I'm looking forward to have Fedora Core 2 on my CD-R and install it on my machine :) can't wait...

burn burn burn ... that's what i'll make to CD/DVD when it gets out :)

just can't wait

you can be garanteed that I also will be installing core 2 on the day its released ( been waiting long enough :))
not a chance I'm not a big fan of Fedora :(

heh, you should be it rox ! runs on Fedora Core Release 1 :)