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Full Version: How do I get Fedora online?
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Hey, I'm completely retarded and have no idea what I'm doing. I managed to install Fedora on an older machine I had. After firing it up I realized that I had no idea what was going on, so I reinstalled it with the GUIs. Anyway, I boot up my machine (Fedora, Yarrow, KDE) and eth0 comes up as OK.


When eth0 comes up as OK I cannot ping outside websites or IPs. I can ping my XP box which is on a hub with the Fedora box. My XP box can ping the Fedora box. My ISP gives my 2 IPs, so using a hub shouldn't be a problem (I've had successful concurrent connections... XBox, 98box).


In the Network Configuration window it shows eth0 as active, but has nothing in DNS or Hosts. It seems to me the DHCP is working in terms of getting an IP, but it doesn't look like the machine is asking for DNS information.


I'm sure I just started some stupid service, or didn't start some obvious service. I don't know what information you guys need to help me out. I'm in #Fedora right now on EFnet.


Thanks for your suggestions.

i'm Jy in #fedora..


what does your /etc/resolv.conf have in it?