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Full Version: winamp 5.03 in Fedora !!!
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wow !@!

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Well i have to agree with the first screen shot hehe, I am not a windows hater just my past expiriences using it haven't been the best. Since I have moved to linux I have had no related problems as I have had in the past which is Great!...

I imagine you are running WinAmp in wine .. if so, how'd you do it? I tried that recently and had some fatal errors, went back to winamp 2.91 and that worked fine.




actually it was crrossoveroffice that installed it,


i havnt tried it in wine, but they are pretty much the same thing


it took 5 installs, one X crash and a bit of tweaking to get it working,


hint: when you get the setup running, dont pick all the features, such as cd burning...