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Full Version: Which version of Linux to use..?
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Hi Everyone,


I am new to Linux, and currently run RedHat 9 on my notebook. At work we have several engineering stations on our network that suffer from pretty poor proformance under Windows 2k. The CAD appilcation was writing for Unix and Linux and uses a emulater to run under Windows. It pretty much destroyes the speed of the new systems I put in (P4 Dell 400SC). I have one extra system and I want to use it as a Linux Apps server for the enginnering department.


My question is, which distrution of Linux has the best fileserver/apps server. I want this server to rock, and it does pretty much running windows and win apps. As I have said I am running RH9, and I have a single P3 server operating as a FTP/Web server, and my notebook. They run great, but I was thinking that maybe when it comes to fileservers maybe SUsE or one of the others would work better.


Any info, advise, or opinions are welcomed.. :)




I would reccomend fedora. You are already familiar with redhat and it has all the new improvements over 9.