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Full Version: patch?
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i'm trying to patch winex so that it will work with ipx, but when i run

patch 01-01.somethingwithwine.diff

nothing happens :(


i have to ctrl+c or ctrl+z out of it

can anyone help?

you have to give it a -p command..


try like patch -p0 < file.digg or use p1

that did it ;) but now it cant find the file to patch..

i'm trying to patch winex3 with

01-01-winsock.diff,03-03-wsnwlink.h.diff and 02-02-wsnwlink.h.diff. the 02 thing worked but not the other ones :(

it found the file after all ;)

do i need to rebuild the program now?

yes if you patch you have to re-compile
ach... :(
patch in the linux world means you are patching the source code.. then you have to re-compile. Its not like a patch in the windows world where it might be a newer exe file