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Full Version: ADSL Modem on red hat fedora
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Hi there everybody,

just descovering how wonderful it is to have a new microsoftless pc but at the same time struggling to install what hardware came with my microsoft pc.

I still have XP on a separate disk and it's from there I am writing as I have not been able as yet to get my BT VOyager 100 usb ADSL modem connected with Fedora. Is anyone willing to give me some instruction on how to find the drivers and to get it connected so that I can fully enjoy fedora's internet?

Once one knows the difference there's no going back.


Thank you



Try go to this might help, or better off to hook up the internet on XP system and enable the internet share, so Linux can access the internet.


I dunno where the driver would be - it might be on thier own site if it lucky.