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Full Version: Booting problem
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hello all

I recently have installed mandrake9.2 and before that I had both fedora and windows installed in my computer. but after installing mandrake it allows me to boot either in windows or mandrake but dont show me anything abt fedora.


How to see all of them?


It(mandrakes lilo) shows something like:



linux-smp(/boot/vmlinuz-smp) *






hope this helps and i made myself clear.

So is:


hda1 = windows?

hda2 = fedora /boot?

hda3 = fedora /?

hda4 = fedora /swap?

hda5 = madrake /boot?



My question is, what have you installed to each partition? Did you install mandrake accidentally over your fedora?



win98(c:) fat32

(*) extended

win2000 fat32

winxp fat32

software fat32

local disk(*) linux ext3

swap space2 swap

/(*) linux ext3

swap sapce2 swap


the first part contains the mandrake9.2

and /(*) contains fedora.

It didn't overwrite fedora bcz i switched to fedora now but after that mandrake is invisible. It now shows the booting option for windows and fedora.