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Full Version: Linux keeps crashing
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i have this evening installed fedora core 1. i have attempted to install mp3 support to no avail. when trying to load an mp3, the system crashes and the only activity is that the scroll lock and caps lock lights keep flashing.


what is this about??


thanks in advance.


i will keep trying even though it is beating me at the moment.

something sounds wrong... perhaps your sound card isnt installed correctly


can xmms play any sound without crashing (forget about mp3s for the moment)


when it crashes if you press ctrl+alt+f3 do you get a terminal screen ?


give us some more info and don't give up :)





i have xmms working now!!


mp3 is playing fine, now my problem is with video, after painstakingly installing xine, (so difficult), it plays vdeo, sometimes crashes and always crashes when you attempt full screen.


I have nvidia gForce 440 MX and linux has picked it up so dont think thats the problem.


is this simple to fix, or alternatively what is another video player (.avi etc) that is preferrably easier to install.


Thanks again man.

how did you install xine ?


hav eyou installed apt-get yet ? if not, checkout this howto


once installed you can use it to properly install xine as follows


apt-get update && apt-get install xine


or try the other popular video player, called mplayer


apt-get install mplayer