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Full Version: terminal window transparent
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I was wondering if there was a way to make my terminal transparent so I can see whatever is behind it, and not the desktop. Reason I say this, is because I am enrolled in a red hat academy class, and a lot of the commands and exercises I need to do are on the browser. I would like to have it see through, so I can read what I am doing, rather than switching back and forth. Any ideas?

The "transparency" that you see in most terms is a trick. You are not seeing through the term it is just showing you the root image of your background. So you wouldnt be able to look through the terminal and see what was in the browser behind it. Here is a screenshot to show you what I mean:




right.... I think I stated, maybe I wasnt clear enough, but I already have that. I was just wondering if there was a way to NOT do tha, but do what I had asked. (if this sounds rude, im not coming off that way)



Whell I Have seen transparency , but it was supported in KDE 3.1 and above, I cant find anny image but I have seen.




Wish I could find it, Ive searched for it like crazy.

Thanks tho.