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Full Version: add mp3 plugin to xmms in Fedora
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to add the plugin (to play mp3's) get this file


untar/unzip it by typing this


tar zxvf xmms-mp3-fc1.tar.gz


Once uncompressed, copy these two lib files (as root) to this folder:




Restart your XMMS and enjoy mp3!





thanks, very useful :)

After I do these steps, the mp3 files play only in super user mode :( When I try to play them in normal mode, the seek bar moves 10x faster than it normally does and no sound :(


Any ideas?

kick ass man, thanks mucho muchoi :)

this plugin also works just fine in Fedora Core Release 2


i just tested it !


xmms version there is 1.2.10






i tryed to copy the the two files in the download given to u.But i says u dont have the permission to do so i did log in as the root.Pls tell me how do do this step by step.



thx a lot m8

i wasnt able to copy that link file, but it still works fine in fedora core 2 ..

thanks alot :)

This RPM could also work.



Just rpm -ivh while in super user mode.

i have tested this in fedora core release 3 and it works !







works in Fedora Core Release 4 and


Fedora Core Release 5 (test 2)






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