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Ok, Eventually, I would like to buy a Linux RedHat 9 server from a datacenter, and host game servers. What programs would I need in order to do this? {Regular FTP program? or what?} :/

RedHat 9 and Fedora is free and can download the iso from the [/url] or can do.


RedHat Enterprise arne't free - you can purchase from or some local shop or internet shop such as they'll send you the disc(s) or a private FTP for you to download.


the Application, Server normally come with it. like when you want to serve the FTP. you can use vsFTPd, client use gFTP. those application is FREE, you can download via yum or [url=<___base_url___>/index.php?showtopic=174]apt-get


hope this help ya

Red Hat Enterprise is still open source. You pay an annual fee for support.


The downloadable version is not compiled, but you can download pre-compiled ISOs from This is Red Hat Enterprise for free - just no support.


We've just downloaded and installed this onto a new Dell dual Xeon server and it found all the hardware and works perfectly.