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Full Version: Battlefield server install under Mandrake linux
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We are propably the biggest linux n00bs in holland, thats why we installed a Mandrake Linux Download Edition on our U1 Gameserver.


We also downloaded the so called bf1942 Dedicated server for windows wich is in a .run format


Now we open the console and unpack and run the installation with the following command


sh ./


and this seems to work. After we accept all the stuff it askes we need to insert a direcory


we enter ./home/majin/bf1942 (wich is a directory we allready created)


but there is nothing there.. :/


Does someone know what we are ding wrong?






have you tried looking in the messages you get and see if maybe there is a clue?


I don't know anything about installing BF servers. I've only installed a Steam/CS server in linux.