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Full Version: largest file in a directory tree
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So you did a df and noticed that /var was full or you just want to find what the biggest file in the directory tree is. Well run this command and it'll show you.


ls -lsR | sort -n


That will sort all of the files and place the largest files at the end.

Neat :P



du -ch --max-depth 2 /


try that

find is your friend... ;)

# - Find large files in /home - 4/99 SW
# SysAdmin logfile = scriptname+date-timestamp.log
# Finds files > 10000k starting from /home
# Modify size accordingly (-size +100000) =/~10mb depending on blocksize
# Outputs filename="hogs19990401.log" to ./ (current dir)

# Set up your variables  -no spaces before/after = in bash
# Legacy systems /bin/sh use backticks nstead of $() for command substitution
#HOGS="hogs`date +%Y%m%d`"; export HOGS
# also find may not support the -size +[n]k flag

#set -t
DATE2=$(date +%Y%m%d)

# Execute find command & log disk hogs
# 100mb
find /home -type f -size +100000k -print | xargs ls -l | tee $HOGS
# 10mb
#find /home -type f -size +10000k -print | xargs ls -l | tee $HOGS
# 1mb
#find /home -type f -size +1000k -print | xargs ls -l | tee $HOGS
elm -s "Disk Hogs" ${EMAIL} < ${HOGS}

hijinks tip could be substituted for the "xargs ls -l" portion to improve the listing & sort. -HTH