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Full Version: Fluxbox rpm for fedora
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I have built a working rpm for fluxbox 0.1.14 for fedora. I was able to successfully install and run the newest fluxbox on fedora core1 with it. [/url][url=]


If your default runlevel is 5 you need to add the session to dm. Here is an example of my session file. Make sure it is chmod 755 as well.


[root@xwing jsw34]# cat /etc/X11/dm/Sessions/fluxbox.desktop

[Desktop Entry]








[root@xwing jsw34]# ls -al /etc/X11/dm/Sessions/fluxbox.desktop

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 95 Jan 7 12:19 /etc/X11/dm/Sessions/fluxbox.desktop


For those of you with default runlevel 3, then you need to create an .xinitrc file in your home dir.


[jsw34@bullpen jsw34]$ cat ~/.xinitrc




don't forget to chmod +x ~/.xinitrc



please do a howto for what you did to create the modified RPM


you get Moderator status for this dude !!!


absolutely awesome :)


cheers and thanks


anyweb :)

grep deserves to be a moderator, he is so great!

heres proof that it works !


fedora with fluxbox :)





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I am an absolute linux-noob... I installed the RPM, and did the stuff to /etc/X11/dm/Sessions/fluxbox.desktop, but what do I do now? It currently loads KDE, do I need to keep it from executing kdm and have it load something else? This is proabaly a stupid question... :P
pick a new session from the startup login screen.


i installed fluxbox on fedora too and it works. but when i start fluxbox from gdm it takes 2 minutes to launch (and 1 sec to launch from failsafe terminal)

is your flux starting fast?

starts as fast as gnome and kde maybe faster


have you been messing with your hosts file by any cahnce,


something sounds wrong





Fedory RPM's are availeble from the fluxbox website: [/url][url=]
First that is not the fluxbox website it is here: [/url][url=], and second that is for an older fluxbox version (0.9.8). My rpm is the newest version of fluxbox (1.1.14)
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