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Full Version: Call of Duty Screenshot
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I played Single mode, not the multiplay due to cd key require :( so it pretty awesome game and it hard!

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ive heard good things about COD, i think i may buy it shortly :-)





Call of Duty is great, I loved the single player missions, I want more!! Online play gets boring, Spawn Kill Die-Spawn Kill KIll Die-over & over, even with 3 or 4 differant types of gameplay it still gets boring. The graphics are great. But yet I play daily. hehe. It'll be better once the first patch comes out and there are more mods. Day of Defeat, a half life mod, is also pretty cool, plus it puts ,more emphasis on teamplay. tra la have fun.

How to install COD on linux ??

I Only Have Windows CD !

Where to get Linux Version !

Is Update avaliable ( COD Spearhead, ... ) ?