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Full Version: add fluxbox to fedora
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i found this doesnt work quite the same way as redhat 8 or rh9...



this link provides the rpm and instructions to get fluxbox working in fedora,


more info below, but the link above is the solution !!





so here is the howto direct from fluxbox


How do I add fluxbox to my sessions menu in Fedora.


The fedora distribution uses a different setup again. Instead of the dm-specific locations, it requires session files to be in /etc/X11/dm/Sessions.


So, to get Fluxbox into its session menu, create the file: /etc/X11/dm/Sessions/fluxbox with contents:


[Desktop Entry]







You may need to put the full path to fluxbox in the Exec line if it is in a non-standard location.


This is a barebones entry. Hopefully one day we will be able to make a version with translations available in the main source distribution.