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Full Version: XFCE in Fedora
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does anyone here knows how to install xfce in fedora. I found the rpms for shrike on [/url][url=] and install it sucessfully but i am unable to get it working for the dm session <Session Window> in the Login.

I still have the default choices of KDE Gnome Failsafe and default, and i was expecting an XFCE entry would be there but its not.

So i checked if XFCE 4 is installed properly by checking the script /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/XFCe* which is an executable and execute it and it ran fine but the xfce entry in the sessions window in the login interface is still not available.

now i freakin added XCfe.desktop to /etc/X11/dm/sessions but still no luck ;(


any comments would be helpful

There are plenty of relevant references to this topic at the xfce board, You can search there, failing that have a visit to #redhat on EFNet and I might be of some assistance...