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Full Version: bf1942 screenshots test
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i love this game :)


check out the plane landing !





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Can YOu Be So Kinde And Post The Link for Downloading Linux Version of Batle Feald !

I Only have Win Ver !

Hey, nice pics, indeed its a good game, check out the mod Battlegroup 42 (my personal fav) but a few questions:

1) second screen shot, that's a helicopter, how did you get that, was it from a mod?

2) I haven't been able to get any games running on linux, I have wine, but haven't a clue how to run it, and

3) what's this about linux a different version for linux, you need to download a whole game or a patch thingy to install a game on linux, cuz I have a lot of games, but they're all windows CDs

Battlefield sure has changed since then, BF3 coming out soon :)