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Full Version: Don't Understand Install Directions
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I'm in the process of installing the Asymptopia Flashcard system ( Fedora 14 x64. Part of the directions say:




Make sure to enter the following in your .bashrc or .bash_profile:

export FLASH_COLLECTION_DIR=/home/starkid/.flash_collections


Also, make sure LD_LIBRARY_PATH included /usr/local/lib


I updated my bash profile, but what does the part about "included" mean?

It means "ensure your LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable contains the /usr/local/lib directory also"


The easiest way is to add the following line at the end of your .bash_profile:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/usr/local/lib

That should tag it onto the end, if set (and set it if not).


Hope that helps!