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Full Version: more than two desktop?
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howdy, just wondering, i already installed the GNOME, KDE. so it possible add the Fluxbox and XFCE?


if yes. then how to choose those desktop from the sesion menu?

Quote:how to choose those desktop from the sesion menu

Create a file called ~/.xinitrc




now when you "startx" you will run fluxbox.


Not sure about XFce

I can help you add XFCE, are you using a display manager? if so which one...xdm/gdm/kdm, if not then you can just run 'startxfce4' from the command line to start XFCE. Cheers!

Wow, they made that simple enough.



can you edit the .xinitrc file like:



i installed all rpms, then i try to run the xfce by type: startxfce

but it seem that the command is not found.


so there is something MISSING! but i don't know what o_O

your missing the 4 [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ohmy.png[/img] startxfce4 there should be a file known as /etc/xfce4/xinitrc that you can copy to ~/.xinitrc if you are using XDM or any other display manager
Oops hehe. i'm going to try to run that now... let see what happen.. will post the result..

ok, no luck for me :(


[root@odyssey root]# startxfce4
bash: startxfce4: command not found


so i guess, i gotta to use the source and do the dirty work o_O

try it as a regular user...
Nope, it the same as "bash: startxfce4: command not found" so i guess, i'm going to do the worse job for my fc1.