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Full Version: Longhorn Build 4051
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what it bugs me.


when you have a taskbar on the right hand side that show the clock - it looks nice aye, but when you run mIRC and minizine to taskbar, double and it won't restore. so thats bug. plus, it take a while to load the taskbar when you've just login. [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_dry.png[/img]


per-installation, detects the hardware took longer than 10mins. o_O


Better wait till they final release then it would be cool and bugless.

I believe Longhorn is INFESTED with bugs and will take a good while until most of the bugs are even worked out, until then, we'll just have to wait, haha. B)
yes I believe that's what it's in beta [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ohmy.png[/img]


Build 4074 is pretty stable and nice, but it crush when i trying to connect

to the internet by SpeedTouch 330 USB modem

any ideas ?

build 4074 is alpha, as in an ALPHA OS. Not even BETA. You should not expect an ALPHA OS to operate perfectly. It will crash.