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Full Version: Sroll Mouse
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Alright, this isn't a good day. I swear, I really hope tomorrow suites me much better.


I've just moved all my PC's around. So, I have this stupid KVM switch and I have a prefectly good mouse, with scroll button.


Worked before I moved, now scroll won't.


Anyone know a simple fix?


[root@diemouse]# apt-get install big hammer


Will that work?

what operating system and what other hardware ?





Quote:what operating system and what other hardware ?

The hardware is just AMD XP 1800 Athlon. MSI motherboard. It's windows 2000, I checked the scroll settings, and it is set to "Auto Scroll" I think it just might be my KVM.


KVM = Itellelink IView.


I'm sure it's my KVM. ;(