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Games have always been a little bit of a past time for me, however, recently I have not been able to read up on them. I'm looking for some games that will run on a GForce 440 mx 128mb ram.


I'm going to be installing a new Redhat box, probably running Fedora, and I'm interested in finding some new games that will run with the Nvidia chipset, and lookg good.


Current games I own.


Battlefield 1942, <---- Not sure if that runs on *nix or not.

Unreal Tourn. <--- I know it does

Unreal Tourn 2003 <---- I know it does

Warcraft III <---- Not sure

Ghost Recon <---- Not sure

Rainbow Six <---- Not sure


If you know, or have any suggestions I'd like to hear them. o_O

id be interested in seeing if battlefield 1942 works, i know there is a linux based server download so maybe it does


quake 3 works just fine and was relatively easy to setup, just make sure you have installed your nvidia accelerated drivers first






nvidia driver install howto here

Sweet. that would be great if BF1942 would work. If they do have a server dl I might have to search around.


BF1942 server is easy and good to setup on linux. It also works well over lan on nic or whatever :)

Stats is easy and Desert Combat works well. If you need any info mail me at


Linux Rules ;)

yup linux server may work for bf1942,


but the game itself, does not,


at least not as far as i know





I'm on a gentoo install, and got bf1942 working with winex, it runs just as well as it does in windows. 100fps WUTE! :)

Delta Force Land Warrior using Wine





Also this works with Delta Force Task Force Dagger ( same game engine as LW )


+ some people have got the new one Delta Force Black Hawk Down working using this method but I haven't yet.

war ctaf 3 does useing wine.
dope wars for linux, this isn't a fancy game or nuthin but it's easy to find an rpm and it's great for when you feel like playing something simple an fun.

There are allso other verry good games running on linnux.


America's Army [/url]

Unreal Tournament 2004 [url=]


Those Games I Played A Lot, mostly all the time. B)[img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png[/img]

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