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Full Version: Im very proud to announce the birth
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of my Second son, Sebastian, brother to Christopher.


Sebastian was born today saturday 13th of December 2003, at 11:39am weighing in at 5200 g and 52CM in length,


hes strong and soft and oh so beautiful


congrats to his mum Annelie and welcome Sebastian


we love you very very much







Congradulations on the birth of Sebastian today, may the best of wishes to you and your family members! Christopher will have somebody to play with now B)


so awesome dude :)



his pics here







Congrats on the baby boy. I'm sure that you are very happy today. Again congrats.



Awww. loverly pics of baby. Congradulations!!!! this is happest day

ROCK ON Brotha', he looks hella healthy and cute as hell, show him the way of the tux... may the force be with you and your fam. good health to you all :)