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[Image: screenshot2.gif]
that's freaking awesome B)
is that XP or Longhorn?

Quote:lytez Posted on Dec 13 2003, 08:11 PM   is that XP or Longhorn?

That would be XP running style XP. It's pretty nice.


I want longhorn, only if I could get a copy. I'd like to start learning now. :)

Send me an IM over AIM and I'll see what I can do for you B)
oh boy, style xp software use alot of restore same as winbind. i would like to try out the longhorn but other people mention that are buggy :/

4 screenshots showing 4 versions of longhorn for you :)


heres 4051



[Image: postinstall_1.jpg]



heres longhorn 4029


[Image: post1.jpg]



heres longhorn 4015


[Image: lh11.jpg]



and heres longhorn 4008


[Image: 3.jpg]


ive tried them all, and they are all nice :)





Looks awesome! :)but I hear that are buggy o_O what i would use. win XP pro and run the Virtual PC 2004 to test the longhorn and see any improvement - so you won't have to format the C:/ or install it on other HDD.

I swear... Anyweb.


Your such a show off.


Look at my desktop, it's better than his!!!! ;)


Quote:Look at my desktop, it's better than his!!!! 

yeah, well thats cos i was only testing the OS not using it longterm :)





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